Sandra Clark

29 September 2015

Learning to tweet at the Agile NZ Conference

Two major things happened on the 1st and 2nd of September: I attended the AgileNZ 2015 conference and I learned to tweet.

The second part may sound ridiculous, but it was a big hurdle for me. I am surrounded by fabulous tech people who tweet beautifully and prolifically. I couldn’t tweet to save myself, so I saw the Agile Conference as a perfect opportunity to face my fear and learn. I received great advice from Cara Hill - follow the conference Twitter account and hashtag, retweet and build up to your own tweets - and I followed this advice to the letter.

First tweet


Cara Hill

28 July 2015

WDCNZ 2015: 'Surely it's just an if statement'

(Title credit to Amanda Dorrell from her WDCNZ talk “The fuzzy line between design and development”)

I had heard what a great event WDCNZ was after my husband, Samson Ootoowak (a Ruby on Rails and JavaScript developer - he was a Ruby teacher at Enspiral Dev Academy and still works for them on the contracting side of things), attended last year and raved about it. So while I was a student at EDA and WDCNZ tickets went on sale at Early Bird prices (March? April? Around then), we bought two at Sam’s insistence. I had obviously never been to a web dev conference (I’d only ever attended disappointing Arts conferences at that point) and was looking forward to going to such a good one. I also had no idea whether or not I would have a job by the time of the conference, but figured that most companies wouldn’t mind letting me go. I just started with Rabid Technologies on Monday, and they were more than happy for me to take off Thursday - my fourth day on the job - to go to the conference.


Brenda Wallace

15 July 2015

What we did Last Summer -- A Fishy Tale

Last summer was glorious. Sunny and warm like a summer should be. And I got to do some Android programming.

The project was just the sort that Rabid seeks out: good for the world. A smartphone app that measures and contributes to sustainable fishing. The good folk at Terramoana had created an iPhone application for recreational fishers to record their catch. The glaring missing piece was an Android app.


Jevon Wright

13 July 2015

Open Source is Powerful: A Walkthrough Extending Loomio with a Custom OAuth2 Provider

One of the great superpowers of using open source in your company is that, if you’re using software in your business, you have the power to change it yourself, without having to ask anyone for permission. Another is that, if your contribution is useful, you can contribute your changes back to the community - making the software more useful for everyone.

In this post, I’ll briefly be going over the process of extending the popular open source project Loomio to integrate with an existing Drupal solution.

Collabforge were keen to use Loomio but having a single login was a key requirement to get started. They asked Rabid to assist with a feature on the Loomio.


Rose Lu

2 June 2015

Rails Girls is awesome and you should get involved in one

<3 <3 <3

Rails Girls is a global community that aims to up skill women in technology through free weekend introductory workshops in Ruby on Rails programming. All the events are volunteer run, and I had the honour of helping organise the third Rails Girls event in Wellington. The Rails Girls website has a page of guides that provide tasters for implementing basic website functionality with Rails, such as adding authentication and uploading images, and also has a guide to help you run a workshop.