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Amy Shand

Rabid's New Space!

Rabid has a new Wellington home!! We’re now located at Level 2, 50 The Terrace. We’re tucked away off the street, so if you want to come visit you’ll need to enter via 44 The Terrace, head through the lobby and down the stone steps to the right, and then head down the wood-panelled hallway to the stairs or lifts at the end.

So much greenery!


Mai Nguyen

Christchurch Rails Girls

Rose and I coached at Rails Girls Christchurch in May. Given Rabid’s commitment to diversity, it was great for Rabid to sponsor the event by sending us down to Christchurch. The awesome weekend was superbly organised by Hayley van Waas, Elora Walmisley and Daniel Fone. The event was held at Canterbury University and as a result, most participants were students already studying Computer Science or Software Engineering.


Sandra Clark

Why is 20% time good for us all?

In my old life in the film industry, we all worked for free; on short films, music videos or low-budget features. It’s how we gained experience and credits on our CV, as well as supported our fellow filmmakers on projects we cared about. I’ve done my fair share of free stuff over the years, but there comes a point when you just have to say “No” - my time and contribution has value, no more freebies!

So I was pleasantly surprised when I joined Rabid and found out they had a policy of 20% time projects as part of the working week. At Rabid, this generally happens on a Friday. It’s when we can choose what we’d like to work on; perhaps some training or professional development, our own project, a startup or that really good idea we’ve had for a while and we want to see if it flies, or not. It creates a bit of space where clients know we are not available to give us time free of other commitments to control our own priorities.


Marian Clements

Rapid Growth at Rabid

Marian here from Rabidtech to talk about our recent company growth and how we dealt with almost doubling our size in three months. I was part of the group that looked at how we were onboarding our staff and worked to make it better. I’m a developer, but I like having processes so this was something I wanted to help with.

I start working for Rabid in February, and since then we have hired five developers, a designer and an office administrator. All this growth has happened to support our growing business opportunities. The challenge that comes with such rapid growth is inevitable growing pains. We found that our existing buddy system and face to face explanations were no longer sufficient to get new employees onboard and integrated into our company and culture.


Cara Hill

Codemania 2016

When my awesome and generous employers at Rabid Technologies approved my request to go to Codemania and Codemania Conversations, I had no idea what to expect. I mean, I’ve been to tech conferences before, so I had a pretty clear idea of what the formal conference part of Codemania might be like, but the unconference Conversations was a new and mysterious unknown. And now that I’m sitting down a week later to write a post about my experience, I’m at a loss for how to break it all down and share it in a coherent fashion!