Rabid is now Ackama

In September 2018, on the company’s 8th birthday, Rabid became Ackama - this was to reflect that fact that we work on large digital ecosystems, and given that nature is the largest ecosystem in the world we wanted a name that came from nature. Ackama, or Makamaka, is a small bushy tree with white flowers and red seeds. It’s found on the coast from Whangarei north.

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More about Josh Forde

Josh manages relationships throughout Rabid and develops new business leads. A director of Rabid, Josh advises start-ups and commercial clients on their strategy and direction. As Chair of Enspiral Foundation and one of the first members of the network, he’s seen many audacious projects and brings that wide experience to projects at Rabid.

With interests including online entrepreneurship, social enterprise and product development, Josh cares about the impact work has on clients and understands that successful projects involve hard work and clear communication.

Posts by Josh Forde

Rabid Appointed to All of Government Web Services Panel

Rabid has been appointed as a supplier on the All of Government Web Services panel! We’re of course delighted. The panel offers a range of services, and we are included in: User Insight Visual Design Front-end Development Back-end Development Native App Development If you’re interested in working with us, now, in the future or ‘maybe someday’ be sure to drop us a line at hello@rabidtech.co.nz

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NZ Civil Defence and the importance of Open Data in Emergency Alerts

Immediately after the Kaikoura earthquake, media were reporting a tsunami evacuation alert/order. Many Wellingtonians left for higher ground on foot or by car in the early hours of the morning. But there was confusion about the evacuation zones and the state of the alerts, which became a controversy in itself. It’s a big issue- how can the public be notified about an emergency alert, especially if they are asleep or in a remote area. What...

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Getting to grips with social good in Rabid's Philosophy

One of the most challenging topics we talk about is blending a sense of doing good along with what we do here. Rabid is a commercial company - we make a profit and are proud of the value we create in doing it. As founders, we also care deeply about the impact that our work has and believe that we can do better in future. With a great team that’s growing, and a growing number...

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On Taking Startup Lessons from Unicorns

Alan Schaaf Founded Imgur and Came by Wellington

Alan Schaaf, Imgur founder, swung through Wellington a couple of weeks ago. As a highly successful entrepreneur of the classic American ‘overnight success’ ilk, it gave me pause for thought about startup myths and lessons we can take away from the experience. If you don’t know Imgur (pronounced ‘Imager’ I discovered - don’t follow that link, you won’t make it back to this blog post…), they are closely linked with Reddit as the Reddit website...

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