Rabid is now Ackama

In September 2018, on the company’s 8th birthday, Rabid became Ackama - this was to reflect that fact that we work on large digital ecosystems, and given that nature is the largest ecosystem in the world we wanted a name that came from nature. Ackama, or Makamaka, is a small bushy tree with white flowers and red seeds. It’s found on the coast from Whangarei north.

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More about Daniel Spector

Daniel delivers to both Rabid and our clients strategies for growth, engagement, commercialisation, & deliverable technology. A happy geek, he enjoys the interplay of many areas- technical, managerial, fiscal, marketing, and always social- and has done business in many countries. Daniel has led companies and worked with teams of techs, designers, developers, clients, investors, managers, and boards, while always helping keep fun & life balance part of the big picture.

A founder and board member of NZRise- the Association of NZ Owned IT Companies, Daniel has run book publishers, was GM of the top indy punk label in the US, and is on the team working to bring the World Science Fiction Convention to New Zealand in the year 2020.

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