Rabid is now Ackama

In September 2018, on the company’s 8th birthday, Rabid became Ackama - this was to reflect that fact that we work on large digital ecosystems, and given that nature is the largest ecosystem in the world we wanted a name that came from nature. Ackama, or Makamaka, is a small bushy tree with white flowers and red seeds. It’s found on the coast from Whangarei north.

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More about Brenda Wallace

Brenda is a long time open source contributor, recently escaped from a programming job deep within Weta Digital, and very happy to join the good people at Rabid. Brenda has 20 years experience in programming and has worked on mobile telecommunications systems, embedded software, massively parallel processing, web, distributed data, and "smartphone" platforms.

Brenda also enjoys cycle camping, and making good coffee in the middle of rainforest mountains.

Posts by Brenda Wallace

What we did Last Summer -- A Fishy Tale

Last summer was glorious. Sunny and warm like a summer should be. And I got to do some Android programming. The project was just the sort that Rabid seeks out: good for the world. A smartphone app that measures and contributes to sustainable fishing. The good folk at Terramoana had created an iPhone application for recreational fishers to record their catch. The glaring missing piece was an Android app. Our client preferred we stay close to...

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Datetime timezones in Python

A quirk of pytz, lead to learning something interesting about New Zealand. In [2]: import pytz; pytz.timezone("Pacific/Auckland") Out[2]: <DstTzInfo 'Pacific/Auckland' NZMT+11:30:00 STD> In [3]: import datetime; datetime.datetime(2011, 06, 12, 12, 54, 23, 00, pytz.timezone('Pacific/Auckland')).strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z%z') Out[3]: '2011-06-12 12:54:23 NZMT+1130' What’s that? Our timezone is Auckland, with an offset of 11:30?? That’s because New Zealand hasn’t always been in UTC+12 (or +13 in summer). We used to synchronise our clocks to the sun, 12pm noon...

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