Rabid is now Ackama

In September 2018, on the company’s 8th birthday, Rabid became Ackama - this was to reflect that fact that we work on large digital ecosystems, and given that nature is the largest ecosystem in the world we wanted a name that came from nature. Ackama, or Makamaka, is a small bushy tree with white flowers and red seeds. It’s found on the coast from Whangarei north.

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Ben is a geek who wants to make the world a better place. He has over 7 years of experience developing open source websites in windy Wellington. Ben has a keen interest in accessibility, security and maintainability.

Ben enjoys cups of tea and Wellington coffees. He lives in a community flat where he cooks pancakes on the weekends. He also volunteers his time in NZ and overseas.

Posts by Ben Bradshaw

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